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Microsoft has yet to explain itself, but after a long time battling to get a response from the company, this week we were able to speak to Jeremy Korst, general manager of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices team, about the issue, and we put some of the points that have been microsoft office 2016 product key raised during the ‘updategate’ saga to him.

First off, we asked why Windows Updates for consumers and businesses had different levels of granular flexibility.

“The capabilities we’re delivering in Windows update for business are microsoft office 2016 download free really for organisations with multiple sets of devices,” he said. “In Windows Update for individuals you can set you preferences as to what time of day your updates are installed, so it does give you the ability to manage.”

Korst explains that Microsoft is trying to be more responsive to the everyman who wants a product that ‘just works’ and doesn’t care about individual microsoft office 2016 updates.

“You’ve got two sets of users, one is the average user who wants to make sure they’ve got the most secure and always up to date version of Windows, and the feedback we get is that people want that to be as simple and seamless as possible.

“Then there’s a buy office 2016 product key set of customers like you and I who want more information. We’ve heard that feedback and we are starting to give more information about what’s coming in the latest updates so if a particular developer or IT pro or tech enthusiast needs that information then they can get it.”

We then talked about the main ‘updategate’ itself, the issue of large downloads in the background without permission. We asked why this was being done, and what about people who either don’t want the download, or didn’t ask for it. The answer was surprising.

“The best place for those kinds of issues is Terry (Myerson)’s blog. User office 2016 activation key feedback we’ve had is that users who have come from Windows 7 or Windows 8 are ‘very satisfied’ with the upgrade process. We’ve got a lot of feedback around customers who want us to make it easier, so we’re trying to facilitate that.”

We pointed out that the average 70-something silver surfer was unlikely to be a regular patron of Terry Myerson’s blog. He defended: “The thing is – the user is still in control. You still have to accept the office 2016 download upgrade when prompted to go through the process, and even then you have 31 days, your entire first month to revert back if for whatever reason you’re not happy.

“We’ve tried to respect that with settings like those for people with low bandwidth who have a setting available so Windows does not do the automatic download.”

It seems that a lot of what has happened around ‘updategate’ has been the result of a road to hell paved with good intentions. “The reason behind the blog is to make everything as transparent and front footed as possible. And then conversations like this help communicate it. But it is our intent to be transparent and that’s why buy office 2016 product key we’re having this conversation now.

“We think that the idea of reserving Windows 10 and having it download in the background is good customer experience.”

We’re still reeling from the idea that everyone should read Terry Myerson’s blog is his defence. And yet when we come to the question of user privacy, Korst mentions it again.

Microsoft Office 2013 activation method and procedure, the latest product key


Microsoft Office 2013, also known as Office 2013 or Office 15, is a set of Microsoft Office for Microsoft Windows Windows system, is the second generation after Microsoft Office 2010 suite. In July 2012, Office 2013 Microsoft released a free preview version.


Microsoft’s next-generation Office 2013, Office of 2016 new features and user-friendly design, not only brings a great work experience, providing a steady stream development. microsoft office professional plus 2016 product key, Multiple device platforms look your best, implementing touch, stylus, mouse or keyboard action; social commerce converging one. Now with the latest Office 2013, Office 2016 key and activation methods:


1, Office Pro Plus version 2013 VOL





2, Visio Professional 2013 VOL Edition




3, Project Professional 2013 VOL Edition



4, the activation methods:

Open any of the Microsoft Office 2013 application interface, microsoft office professional plus 2016 product key, select accounts, Office product information below on the right, click “change product key” (Figure 1).


5, out of the dialog box, enter the provided key (Figure 2), click on install.


6, Office 365 for Mac, Office 2016 for Mac – Microsoft Office activation:

Returns the account interface, click “activate product” (as in Figure 3), follow the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard to activate.